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Oh, my goodness! It's already October and it's time to apply for financial aid for your college-bound senior and take entrance exams if he/she hasn't already!!
Below is a link to information pertaining to FASFA, this information includes facts and 5 steps in completing the application process in step-by-step instructions. 
A Letter to High School Junior Parents
To:  Parents of Big Pasture High School Juniors
From:  Big Pasture Schools
Date:  September 4, 2019
Big Pasture High School is communicating with parents of students who are juniors during the
2019-20 school year. Our school district plans to administer the ACT test in spring 2020 to eligible juniors as part of the state contract with the Oklahoma State Department of Education and ACT. Last year over 95% of Oklahoma schools chose to administer the ACT. Our district believes this is an excellent opportunity for all eligible juniors to take the ACT at no cost to them or their families. Should you have any questions/comments, please let us know by October 1, 2019.

LaRae Collins
Big Pasture Counselor/Testing Coordinator
lcollins@bigpasture.org / 580.281-3831