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...I am Mrs. Bejessie!   I am very excited about this school year but also concerned about student safety and health.   This is my 42 school year at Big Pasture.  I have taught half-time since I retired and decided to come by to teach.   I am married to a wonderful man.  We have four awesome children and ten amazing grandchildren.   I am very excited to have your child in my classroom.  
My goal for your child is to help improve his/her reading, grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills.   We will also be exploring the cultures throughout our world and its geography.
On this website, you will be able to access our assignments, test, and projects.
In case something should occur that we have to quarantine, and go virtual for a short time; your child will be
taught how to access this program and can carry on at home.  Our prayer is that this will not occur, but in case we will carry on the best we can.
Grading will occur in-person and through virtual.  It is important that all students stay on top of their work.   
We will have a great year!   It may look different than in the past, but together we will succeed!
Thank you!
Mrs. Diane Bejessie